Michael Lies


The capacity of the artist is having sensitivity to life. The driving force behind each painting is the fusion of creative energy and passion. The painter is the painting.

Even at the age of 93 the famous Spanish artist Francisco Goya said, “ I am still learning”. So, the phrase ‘self taught’ is somewhat of a misnomer. The unschooled artists are opened to the joy of discovery and exploration.
The explorer’s discoveries are the products of investigation and experimentation whereby
the student is his own authority and discovery is at a deeper level or different dimension
of the mind. Being his own authority creates the free thinking that enriches passion and the expression of that passion. Passion and the expression of passion can not be taught. Formal art education teaches composition: the how, what and where of placement of tone
– and these rules are practiced by the student artist. The application of these laws produces the discovery of putting this knowledge to use, but the quality of this kind of
discovery occurs most often on a superficial level.
Art schools teach art that imitates art. They influence the student with their critic driven impositions and the brutality of comparison. The schooled art student is also victimized
psychologically by what is accepted according to societal trends.