We are excited to invite you to join us at Art for Change 2022.  This year, we have created a new, streamlined, simplified digital process.

If you wish to submit a piece for consideration for the auction, simply visit Art Donor Form to fill out the online donation form and attach a photograph of the piece.  The deadline for submissions is September 2.

This year, due to space limitations, our gallery submissions will be limited to 50-75 pieces.   Our curators will review the submissions on a rolling basis so it is critical that your online submission be complete so that there is no delay.  As part of a new pilot program, all artists will receive 20% from the sale of their piece which they can keep or they can choose to donate to Persad.  In addition, all submissions that are selected for the show will receive one complimentary ticket to Art for Change and a discount code for 50% off the purchase of a second ticket. 


"We are excited about this pilot program as it allows us to give back and support the artist community, many of whom have supported Art for Change for the past 34 years," said Marty Healey, Chief Executive Officer at Persad Center.

In addition to the 50-75 pieces, new for this year's event will be five gallery spaces each led by Judy Barie, Madeline Gent, Darrell Kinsel, Steve Mendelson and Rachel Rearick.  These galleries will include a mix of artists and mediums that will weave together a story that best represents their own artistic aesthetic.


Thank you for your support and cooperation.  Please know that we greatly appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at Art for Change 2022!


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