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i AM the CHANGE Campaign
Photos by Emerson Aniceto.

Local artist and photographer Emerson Aniceto has generously donated his time and skills to coordinate a new art and awareness campaign for this year’s event.

We will invite people who have contributed to Art for Change over the years to participate in a photo session where we hope to show how art can change people and how in turn these people have embodied change in the world for our LGBTQ+ communities.


The photography highlights this message through the “I am the change” t-shirts, and the photos will be featured on social media and our websites, as well as printed and exhibited at the event. This campaign shows off our communities as unique individuals and also as one collective group. Together, we can be the change that brings hope, light, and beauty to the world.

Thank you for making part of this campaign. Feel free to download or share to social media your favorite images!

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