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Martin Bernard Bernstein


Martin is skilled not only as a photographer but also as an artist/designer. Born (1941) and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He trained in graphic design and photography and received a Deign Certificate from the Philadelphia College of Art (today known as the University of the Arts), and has studied at the Flicher Art Memorial, and the Cheltenham Art Center and TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image. His educational experiences instilled a deep appreciation for the graphic and expressive possibilities in photography. He has exhibited in juried show at the Perkins Center for the Arts, the DaVince Art Alliance, the Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia Pa. He has been invited to participate in shows at The Plastic Club of Philadelphia, and the TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image, The Photographic Society of Philadelphia. An active member of TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image, the Photographic Society of Philadelphia the Plastic Club, and Temple University's Photographic Club (OLLI). Other credits include still photography for the "Punk Rock Body Drop" exercise video produced by Jenny Tomczak, photography for projects with Interior Designer Gina Pietrantozzi Philadelphia, as well as photography for the re-design of the lobby at the Abbott's Square Condominiums, Philadelphia.

215 870 0646

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