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Nicole jonay Quantz


I am the proud mother of three amazing children, each with their own individual needs and qualities. One of my children is transgender, another is autistic, and I also have a nursing baby. This dynamic mix of responsibilities keeps me on my toes, as I’m constantly needed in various aspects of their lives. I feel like I’m needed everywhere all at once. My parenting journey has been shaped by my unconventional thinking, which has made me well-suited to care for and support my unique and diverse family. While there are many aspects that make me an interesting person, being mom is the most important and rewarding part of who I am.

Being a good parent to me means being compassionate, and empathetic, offering a shoulder to lean on during challenging times. celebrates my children’s successes and offers comfort and reassurance during setbacks. A good parent sets boundaries and teaches values, listens carefully to their children’s worlds and needs, helping my children develop into kind, respectful, and responsible individuals.

Above all, being a good parent for me involves unconditional love, preparing and growing my children’s lives to be well balanced for a safe and happy, healthy future with themselves and others, It’s a journey of growth and learning, adapting to the ever-changing needs of our children while providing unwavering support and love.


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